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The Generator project is an art project that puts focus upon the relationship between art and society/art and the public in a general sense, and public art especially by presenting a number of temporary art projects in the public space of Trondheim, Norway. Generator wants to discuss relevant issues in a seminar, in meetings with the public and artists, on the website, and in a book that will be published after the realization of the project.

Generator will consist of the following:

• 9 temporary art projects in the public space of Trondheim in the period June 9 to
September 30, 2007:

- 3 invited artists:
Katya Sander (Copenhagen/Berlin)
Tadashi Kawamata (Tokyo)
Apolonija Sustersic (Ljubljana/Amsterdam/Stockholm)

- 6 projects chosen from proposals by norwegian artists (open for all):

Marit Justine Haugen (Oslo)
Vigdis Haugtrø and Jan de Gier (Trondheim)
Tina Jonsbu (Oslo)
Frøydis Lindén (Bergen)
Hilde Rognskog (Oslo)
New Meaning/Gry Ulrichsen (Trondheim)

• two day seminar: September 21 & 22, 2006

• documentary exhibition of photographs and texts from the project (mainly for schools)

• the Generator Book, to be published in September/October 2007

• web site with information about Generator, texts from seminar, documentation of the art, the public reaction and response to the project

Some of these elements presuppose extra financing.